John, David and Alexandra have worked on Wall Street for a combined 35 years, trading for huge firms like (now defunct) Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs trading the markets on behalf of high net worth individuals. After thousands of trades and hundreds of trading accounts, they are here to share the fruit of their work and knowledge with other traders. Busy traders get a fast train to pips while the trio research good trades, conduct the technical analysis and publish notable trade signals to subscribers.

The trio divide their time between New York and London.

We offer high quality trade signals and look for a handful of large pip targets per month with 10/1 profits to offset losses along the way and cover the spreads and commissions that the brokers charge. That is how Wall Street builds wealth portfolios; gradual, structured and step-by-step.

Subscribers will be able to implement gradual portfolio growth without having to spend 24/7 attention on the markets. We keep it clean and simple. No lengthy video analysis, no technical reports, no chats and distractive communications. Just plain and simple trade recommendations with instructions. Keep all the background ‘noise’ at bay for better trading outcome.